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Stable investment with return of 5 % p.a.

Introducing Helske People Care

We improve people’s quality of life through specialised facilities located across all Germany and help them maintain their self-reliance, self-determination and vitality, so we provide them with services according changing requirements on the healthcare.

We always find time for your needs

We create environment by combining comfort and modern architecture with functionality and appropriate health facilities. We satisfy people’s needs with innovations and our goal is to offer them the highest quality in each stage of their lives.

Every person deserves a comfortable life in the old age and HELSKE PEOPLE CARE® enables that. That’s why we offer our residents a place with a unique atmosphere where they can enjoy an active and fulfilling life and they can feel really well in their new home.

Premium apartments for seniors with accompanying services, focused on individual needs and requests of our clients. And it doesn’t matter what comes in future. We prepared all options for our residents, so that they could face all the challenges brought by life confidently and freely.

Every aspect of our life is important for us. Therefore, we improve the people’s quality of life and help them retain self-reliance, self-determination and vitality.

To live on place, where everything what a man needs, is in the immediate vicinity and from the only source

Why did we select Germany to construct a network of social services homes for elderly?

  • Germany presently has one of the foremost steady long-term care financing plans in Europe
  • German law ensures subsidies from 125 to 2.005 EUR per month per retired person, depending on the level of care required
  • The German population is one of the oldest population in Europe and the number of elderly in require of care is continually growing

The number of retired people in require of care will enhance from 2.8 million (2015) to 3.8 million (2030).

At the time, the need for services for the elderly in Germany is continually developing. There are approximately 1 million beds accessible.

Detailed Market Overview

Average age:

Source: European Statistical Office, 2018

Our ambition is to implement the project in 15 locations all through Germany. Each location will take care of the different needs of its residents and employees with access to various Helske Facilities.

In the first stage we are focused on 6 locations:

  • HELSKE PEOPLE CARE® Braunschweig
  • HELSKE PEOPLE CARE® Regensburg

Complex portfolio of services for elderly

We chose the locations of our projects after a thorough analysis of the localities in terms of economic indicators, territorial catchment region, socio-demographic structure of the local population, migration statistics of the region’s population, purchasing power of the population and particularly based on population demographic estimates.

Active Helske People Care services in Germany

We currently have purchased land in four locations:

Helske Resort Braunschweig – Bad Harzburg

Apartments for elderly and individuals in require of care will be developing at the former sports ground. A total of seven buildings will be built on an area of 25,165 m2. The resort will have 148 apartments for 168 residents. It will include high-quality housing and a wide range of services and leisure activities. We have completed earthmoving works and we are in the process of beginning the development of a rough construction.

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Resort Essen

The city of Essen, the 2010 European City of Culture, is located in the Rhineland
region. Since 2017, the city is considered as the environmentally friendly green capital of Europe. On a plot of land measuring 8,821 m2, there will be a resort of elderly, offering extensive nursing care and other services, such as outpatient care and intensive care. The resort will have 73 apartments for 100 residents. We have completed the demolition and earthmoving works in accordance with a plan, currently we are waiting for the issuing of a building permit.

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Helske Resort Wuppertal – Ennepetal

In the location of the previous Hesonwerk factory in the village of Milspe with an area of 10,798 m2, a day-care facility for elderly and a physiotherapy clinic will be built. The plan is to construct two, new, green-roofed buildings with a capacity of 27 guests a day. Barrier-free transport of individuals from the surrounding area will also be provided. Demolition and devastation works were submitted to the project before the permit. Earthmoving works will continue in the future.

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Helske Resort Regensburg – Bad Abbach

This resort that will be built on a plot of 6,553 m2, is to provide high-standard residential living for active elderly. The resort will feature from 229 apartments for 269 residents. Direct access to the Kaiser Therme spa facility in Bad Abbach is planned. The project is still in the process of the preparation.

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Legal committee in Germany

Magdalene Scheel

After the coup in 1989, her main area of activity was consulting, judicial and extrajudicial representation of Slovak citizens and Slovak companies within Germany. She closely cooperates with the Slovak Consulate General in Munich and the Slovak Embassy in Berlin.

Stefan Hillebrand

Having studied at the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in Munich, he works in the field of social law, commercial law and contracting. He has been on the Board of Directors at Moore Stephens KPWT AG since January 2019.

Sylvia Hufnagl

She started out as a civilian judge at the Munich II Regional Court and criminal youth judge at AG Freising. She has been an authorised attorney since 1984 with the office in Munich and an expert in labour law since 1989.

Hermann Moosburger

Having studied at the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in Munich, he previously worked at the Tax Office in Bavaria starting in 1982. Between 2001 and 2014, he was the Government Director at the Tax Office in Munich, in charge of criminal matters and tax proceedings (tax investigation officer). He has been working as lawyer and tax advisor in Munich since 2015.

Peter Oppler

Having studied at the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in Munich he has worked as an attorney since 1983 and as attorney specializing in construction law and the law of architects since 2008. He has worked in construction law, the rights of architects, engineers and in real estate for over 25 years.

Stefan Domcke

Having studied law at the Ludwig-Maximilian Universität in Munich and Université de Lausanne, educated in Munich and in Boston and attorney since 1983, he represents the company in the areas of constitutional law / service law.

More info about the locations



On the former sports grounds Stübchentalstraße, there will be a residential area for seniors and persons in need of care. Seven buildings in total will be built. The 25,000 square-meter premises are divided
into two areas.

About the Resort

The VitaLife complex consists of 6 two or four-storey buildings. Premium Living offers a wide range of services, as well as various leisure activities, therapies, cultural and event programmes. The rehabilitation centre Ultimuv will also be part of VitaLife. This unique project will help clients work on their posture, flexibility and strength with professional physiotherapists. In the next building, day care and outpatient care service will be offered on the first floor.


Resort timeline

Notary contract – land acquisition 37 – 312/7, 312/8 and 312/9 – size 25165 m2
Application for building permit submitted

Granted permission for preparatory ground work
Starting of ground work, digging for the underground garage
Submitted documentation for construction building permit TG (underground garage) and H1 (main building)
Construction building permit TG and H1, in the following weeks next buildings
Signing a contract with DE construction company

Earthwork & Demolition works started
Construction of underground parking

Construction of B1 – Service building, Vitalife
Construction of Building 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – Vitalife
Construction of Building 7 – Day Care, Dementia Care, Intensive Care

Other Resorts

Regensburg Wuppertal Essen


HELSKE PEOPLE CARE® Regensburg (Bad Abbach) is build in high-level residence for active senior citizens. It will be a direct connection with Kaiser Therme. Luxury equipment with perfect location and design we connect people with nature in Bad Abbach.

About the Resort

With old age, handicapped accessible and barrier-free apartments for seniors and future retirees, the senior citizen residence Bad Abbach offers an independent and individual residential offer. There will also be an own day care and an outpatient care services. Direct access to the thermal spa is planned. The complex will also include a Healthness Hotel**** that will provide a wide range of services. Due to its proximity to Regensburg, a conference hotel is in connection with health, golf, nature and attractions is absolutely predestined.


Resort timeline

Notary contract – land acquisition 3712 – size of 6553 m2
Land seal received
First contour study to the land
Starting negotiations to purchase more land
Hotel concept added

Negotiating price of further land, information from the city to remove a part of “underlay-Altlasten” received
Looking for an agreement to remove “underlay-Altlasten”, multiple meetings with the city,
the city negotiated multiple times internally

Final confirmation of the sale price 250 EUR / m2, next purchase approx. 18500 m2
Making a planimetric copy, final two studies, and selecting an architectural office to change the territorial plan
Execution of the contract with “Plannungsbüro” – Arch. Office to change territorial plan

Other Resorts

Braunschweig Wuppertal Essen


On the site of the former Heson plant in Milspe, a day care facility for seniors, as well as a physiotherapeutic
ambulance are to be created. Two new buildings are planned in the area above the Heilenbecke.

About the Resort

In our facility, we also offer this special form of provision for old age. In facilities of semi-residential care our guests will experience diverse days. We offer a meaningful daily routine here, which also gives the relatives a pleasant relief. Our day care should accommodate up to 27 guests. Visitors from Ennepetal and the surrounding area are welcome. We will use our own car service, which will be equipped with a wheelchair ramp and boarding aid. It picks up the visitors from home and brings them back home.


Resort timeline

Notary contract – land acquisition 25 – 323, 332 – total size of 10798 m2

Final study, consultation with all relevant authorities
Building permit application for Senta and Ultimuv was submitted
Request for demolition permission

Demolition permission granted
Execution project was finished
Expecting to receive a construction building permit
Purchase price payment for the land
Execution of the contract with a demolition company
Starting demolition work

Other Resorts

Braunschweig Regensburg Essen


The special concept, the unique location and the professional all-round care provide a new home for patients. Green city Essen will be enriched with eco-friendly Senior Apartments in the beautiful Rhineland.

About the Resort

In the heart of the Ruhr region lies the city of Essen, which in 2010 was the European Capital of Culture and since 2017 has set new impulses as the ecological Green Capital of Europe. Today the city is growing very fast and looks together proud of its industrial past. Particularly impressive is the remarkable and better quality of life in the city.


Resort timeline

Notary contract – land acquisition 29 – 53, 22, 51 – total size of 8821 m2
Land seal received
Case study from architect
Meetings with the building office authority

An official application with complete drawing documentation for preliminary statement of the building authority submitted

Construction building office authority requested additional adjustments
Expecting preliminary statement to official application
Building permit application completed
Execution of the contract with a demolition company
Starting demolition work

Expecting construction building permit to be granted

Other Resorts

Braunschweig Regensburg Wuppertal

Market overview

Germany has one of the most stable funding systems for long-term care in Europe with currently c. EUR 7bn of a funding surplus.

The state provides a Social Long-Term Care Insurance (Soziale Pflegeversicherung) for those that are eligible for social payments (frail people according to the Medical review Board of health insurers “Medizinischer Dienst der Krankenkassen”).

Healthcare expenditure increasing in Germany

With >11% of GDP spent on Healthcare, Germany is among the top healthcare spenders in Europe

Source: Federal Statistical Office, PKV Pflegedatenbank

Market structure and competitors

  • The nursing home market in Germany is segmented between private operators, the non- profit operators and the public operators,
    of which 42% are private.
  • In terms of the occupancy levels, the average rate is around 85% and vary depending on the regions and the operators.
  • Currently the main issue for operators and in general for the market,
    at least in the medium term, is the recruitment and retention of qualified employees, since there are not enough nursing professionals
    in the market to cover the high demand of elderly care in Germany.
  • Furthermore, the option of international recruiting is not always considered due to the high bureaucracy, difficulties and legal u ncertainties in the process of hiring and assessing the qualifications acquired abroad by the foreign applicants.
  • From the competitors panorama the market behaves stable except for the risk of compliance and quality of services, due to the lack of professional qualified staff to fulfill the corresponding tasks.

Nursing home operators split

by type (# of beds)

Source: Federal Statistical Office of Germany, 2017

Top private operators (by # of beds)

Source: Federal Statistical Office of Germany, 2017

Market future


  • As per the demographic trends, the nursing home market in Germany will continue to increase during the next years.
  • The German government and different national institutions are working on appropriate framework conditions for the nursing profession.
  • The greatest risk in the Healthcare and Social Services sector is the shortage of qualified staff. Therefore, a proactive option to mitigate this risk is to recruit skilled workers from abroad is important and part Helske’s focus
  • The market reflects a stable and positive growth in the medium term and is currently favorable for business opportunities.
  • Some of this is repetitive with previous slides, also perhaps there is too much information on making the case for germany, that wont be the hard sell it will be more why Helke are the right company to back

Additional Demand for Care Beds by 2030

(nursing home ratio 2013 +5%)

Source: Federal Statistical Office 2015, Georg Consulting (2016)

Growth forecast for inpatient and outpatient care

Today 3.5% of German population are care dependent. Inpatient care is expected to grow by 400k, outpatient care by 300k until 2030.

Outpatient Care

Source: Federal Statistical Office 2015

Helske team


Country Manager, CZ

He has more than 20 years of experience in trade, insurance and banking. He was employed in financial groups GE Money, Wüstenrot and Moneta as a Sales Manager, Key Account Manager and Director of the International Trade where he managed the cooperation with all key Stock Brokers Companies performing their activities on the Czech market of financial and advisory services.


Key Account Manager, CZ

She has been dealing with finance for all of her professional career. She began in the consultancy company where she was responsible for cooperation with business partners and performed backoffice. She is also experienced in the area of financial advisory. She worked in the financial group Wüstenrot in the area of business support, then as a Key Account Manager responsible for the development of cooperation with business partners such as Allianz, Fincentrum, INSIA, OK KLIENT, ZFP akademie.


Key Account Manager, CZ

He has been working in the financial sector since 2008 when he began in the position of a financial consultant, later as a manager supervised the team of 40 consultants. In 2015 he started to work as a Key Account Manager in the construction savings bank Wüstenrot and mortgage bank Wüstenrot where he was responsible for development of cooperation with business partners such as Partners Financial Services, Broker Trust and other partners.


Senior Key Account Manager, CZ

He worked in the financial groups ING and GE Money where he cared for his retail clients. Later he became an establishing member of the company where he managed business activities in Poland. Controlling networks of subsidiaries in Fortuna belonged to his biggest projects. He worked for the Czech investor in the facility area for more than 3 years and last but not least, he established and was developing the company dealing with betting activities on the Polish market.


Senior Key Account Manager, CZ

He has more than twenty years of experience in the business and financial sector. He has been working in finance since 2001. He also has experience in management of companies, teams and successful projects in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. He worked as a couch in the international companies during his prolific professional career. He has been in Helske since 2016.


Country Manager, SK

Country Manager for Slovakia Miroslav has 30 years of rich experience in trading on the financial market and building relationships with business partners.

Dieter Müller-Ostermaier

Head of Operations

Dieter has 20 years of management experience in the area of the senior care. Through the training “Nursing Service Management” he has been qualified for its activities. His professional career has led him from nursing to facility management, up to a supra-regional quality manager. Recently, he worked as a managing director for inpatient facilities.

Roman Stancel

Head of the Development and Innovation

Roman is an experienced professional in the health and social welfare fields and has worked in nursing and elderly care for 8+ years. He has gained knowledge, experience and skills aided by a Bachelors Degree in First Aid Management and with Helske® project. Previously worked in Schon Klinik Bad Aibiling, from clear diagnostics through conservative and surgical treatments to rehabilitation.

Miroslav Jakubec

Project Manager

Miroslav has 15 years of experience in trading and project management in international companies like Embraco, former part of the Whirlpool Corporation,
Falke and Slovaktual part of the Arbonia Group. He studied at Technical University TUKE in Kosice. His working Philosophy is based on lean project
management tools.

Daniel Feichtner

Finance Manager

Daniel has over 15 years experience in German and international audit/accounting services, taxation and fundraising. He started his carreer in the big4 industrie and has been working as a consultant for SMEs internationally for several years.

Matej Rusňák


Matej Rusnak, an internationally experienced executive and serial entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience in sales and business development, he has developed company from start up phase up to growing company. Always focused on developing and bringing innovative solutions applied both in product and service ranges of the company.

Libor Stybr

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Libor Stybr joined the company as a globally experienced Chairman of Supervisory Board. He has gained vast experience throughout his career working for global corporations – US business (RCA), Europe (Thomson, Limagrain) and Asia (Thomson). He has over 40 years of experiences in the management and leadership of sales teams.

For Investors

Sale of bonds based on an approved prospectus by the Česká národní banka (Czech National Bank).

The funds raised by issuing bonds will be used by the issuer through the Group companies to finance the construction of a network of social care homes for the elderly in the Federal Republic of Germany and to cover all costs related to the implementation of this project.

Information on the HELSKE PEOPLE CARE project and the issuer is provided in the Base Prospectus.

Promotional information

We declare that the approval of the prospectus by the ČNB cannot be understood as a confirmation of these securities, which are offered or admitted to trading on a regulated market.

We recommend to potential investors to read the Prospectus of bonds before making an investment decision to understand the potential risks and yield associated with the decision to invest in securities.

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